Why Social Does Not Matter – by Bertrand Hazard

You are a professional marketer in the B2B Technology space.

By now, you’ve probably completely refocused all your marketing energy and dollars on the new world of social media. Trade shows are dead and email marketing is so passé. Instead you chat, tweet, IM, like, +1 all day long. #fail.

B2B technology purchasing decisions are not primarily made over social networks. In fact Twitter was ranked as the lowest amongst social sources that influence business technologists’ decision making. That’s according to a recent Forrester Research survey (2011 Social Technographics for Business Technology Buyers).

Now does that mean that social does not matter in the B2B world?

It does. But only when done right can social marketing become a fantastic asset in your B2B go-to-market strategy. When marketers put aside the social hype, the Google + of the day, and focus on building a solid marketing strategy of which social is a component.

This is what I plan to cover this week at ProductCamp Austin 7 if my session “Social Marketing in B2B World: Reality vs. Myth“ gets voted.

From my own professional experience as a practitioner, I will be sharing some pragmatic examples of how social marketing can be successfully leveraged to accelerate your prospects’ buying decision process. I will also share some templates that I found very useful when devising the right (social) marketing strategy.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday in Austin.

This post added by guest blogger Bertrand Hazard discussing his proposed session for ProductCamp Austin 7. Read more about Bertrand Hazard.

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