The Changing Face of Online Entrepreneurship – by Sheila Scarborough

Not every entrepreneur with an online business is a 26-year-old male who is bald, with rimless glasses and a black T-shirt.

Some of us are 50 and female….and some of us, like me, started down this entrepreneurial path with zero business experience and little understanding of what things like “bootstrapping” really meant.

Yes, we have demands on our time that a younger, probably single startup owner does not: children, aging parents, mortgage payments, a minivan that still plays cassette tapes and an inability to live off of ramen and pizza without at least a halfway decent glass of wine to go with it.

The face of entrepreneurship is changing, and my proposed ProductCamp Austin session will cover three topics….

1) How the concept of “intersections” takes what you already know and helps you decide what sort of online business to launch.

2) How to become the go-to business in a specific niche, rather than trying to serve everyone.

3) How your age and life experience can become assets rather than liabilities, i.e., why my retired military ID card and my business partner’s liquor store help ensure the success of our business.

Here’s a 35 second Google Search Story video that may help you see some of the things I thought about as I co-founded a successful online business and, to my everlasting surprise, became an entrepreneur in my late 40’s.

Direct link to the video on YouTube:

This post added by guest blogger Sheila Scarborough discussing her proposed session for ProductCamp Austin 7. Read more about Sheila Scarborough.

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