Build the Community: Propose a session for ProductCamp Austin 7!

ProductCamp Austin 7 is coming soon on August 6th! NOW is your opportunity to submit your next session proposal for PCA 7! There are 30 session slots to fill, so we are looking for lots of great ideas. The deadline for submission is July 30th. Don’t wait! Submit your session ideas today!

ProductCamp Austin is an un-conference. Rather than having pre-scheduled speakers, anyone who is interested in leading a session can submit a proposal.

Proposed sessions will be voted on by the ProductCamp participants with the most popular sessions getting on the event schedule. Other participants will view what your session is about prior to the event so that they can be prepared to vote when they arrive at ProductCamp on Saturday morning.

This Camp’s theme is Building the Community, and there is no better way to build the product management community than to share your ideas with your peers. There are many session categories that cover all areas of product management expertise: Opportunity Analysis, Product Strategy, Requirements Definitions, Product Development, Go-to-Market, Marketing Execution, Product Lifecycle Management, and Product Management Careers. If you want to see the types of sessions that have already been proposed, check out this list of some of the proposed sessions for PCA 7.

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Don’t be concerned if you’ve never done this before, about 30% of our session leaders are first-time presenters. We think you’ll agree: there is nothing like leading a session at ProductCamp – it will be the most fun you can pack into a 45-50 minute conference session. Because ProductCamp is completely user driven, there are no “talking heads” or “keynotes.” There is just you and your peers. That lends realism to the sessions that you can’t get anywhere else. Presenting at ProductCamp is fun, and an experience you will remember forever. Use this opportunity to polish your presentation and facilitation skills in a non-threatening environment, talking about problems that matter with people who “get it.”

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