ProductCamp Austin 10 – Another successful event!

Reposted with permission from Mike Boudreaux. The original post can be found here on Mike’s Leader Thoughtship blog.

ProductCamp Austin 10 – Another successful event!

By Mike Boudreaux

ProductCamp Austin 10 was held on Saturday February 16, 2013. I’m a little biased as the president of the organization, but I have been told by others that it was the best PCA event yet. I find it hard to disagree. There was a buzz around the event that I haven’t felt in the past, but maybe that was because I was more emotionally invested in this event than ones in the past.

I am always amazed by the effort that the volunteers, participants, leaders, and sponsors put into making ProductCamp events happen. Nobody is paid to do this, so what motivates us? ProductCamp provides an excellent example of Daniel Pink’s motivators from Drive: autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Paul Teich took some nice photos of the event and shared this slideshow with me. Very nicely done!

Here are my favorite experiences from ProductCamp Austin 10:

  • Arriving in the morning to see an army of volunteers getting things ready.
  • Voting for sessions in an old-school ProductCamp way – with three stickers.
  • Feeling the energy and buzz during the opening session.
  • Presenting the list of Top 10 ProductCamp Austin moments.
  • Seeing the LifeSize, HomeAway, and Spiceworks executive panel on What it takes to be a great product manager.
  • Listening to advice from Thom Singer on Giving Better Presentations.
  • Enjoying lunchtime conversation on the patio in the nice weather.
  • Meeting people from ProductCamp SoCal and ProductCamp DC.
  • Ordering extra snacks after lunch (long story).
  • Presenting my session, What story are you telling about your products?
  • Milk and cookies from Elizabeth Quintanilla.
  • Winning the Best Session Award!
  • Winning an iPad Mini and then giving it back.
  • Networking at happy hour.
It was pretty awkward giving myself the Best Session award in the closing session. We didn’t plan for that situation, and so we didn’t really handle it too well. It is a little strange for the President to also be the winner, which is why it was even stranger when I won the drawing for an iPad Mini. I definitely couldn’t accept that one, so I gave it back. Some people asked me which one I wanted more. Hands down, it was the Best Session award. It is priceless!


Pat Scherer sent me her visual notes for my session. She did a great job of capturing the key points of my talk. I think I might frame it and hang it on the wall in my office. Thanks, Pat!


What were your favorite experiences at ProductCamp Austin 10?

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