Whither the iFairy?

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Whither the iFairy? Making Products for and Marketing them to the iPhone Market

Opportunity Analysis


Will the iFairy bless your product with critical and market success in the iTunes App Store? This interactive session covers the issues facing an iOS developer and their new product idea — including: the iOS platform, tools, ad networks, PR channels, market size and, just for fun and sparks, a competitive discussion re: Android phones and tablets.

Andrew Donoho, the presenter, is known for his broad command of the technology, market and strategic issues facing the developer/project/product manager. He is also known, fortunately in this case, for an interactive and digressive presentation style. You will be able to get your questions addressed and sometimes answered.

Session Leader(s)
Andrew W. Donoho

Andrew W. Donoho has a small iOS development consulting firm, Donoho Design Group, L.L.C. In addition to developing client applications, he has developed three applications for iOS devices: weLost™, Retweever™ (née ch@tter™) and The Texas Observer for iPad. He has experience in developing 3D visualization software, designing hardware and crafting web standards (XHTML, SVG and UPnP).