What Marketers can learn from Jimmy Buffet and Lady Gaga

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What Marketers can learn from Jimmy Buffet and Lady Gaga .. are you that good?


Marketing Execution




Have you ever wondered why both Jimmy Buffet is so successful and not a “one hit” wonder?  Why are millions of people flocking to be a “little monster” and how can one singer be so wildly successful?  Two different niches .. similar lessons to be learned and applied in your marketing or would you prefer to … #fail in your marketing execution.

A strong brand and a targeted niche .. there is more to marketing than just social media.  How can we best learn from two unlikely teachers to be better at what we do .. Marketing Execution!

In this session, we will cover some pragmatic examples of how 2 media icons leverage their content and market niches to be widely successful well loved brands.

Session Leader(s)

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Elizabeth Quintanilla is not your average girl & has been seen at various events around Austin as a speaker, consultant, contractor & coach.  Currently, Elizabeth serves as a City of Austin Commissioner on the Technology and Telecommunications commission.  She enjoys positively impacting marketing teams.  Elizabeth also blogs on www.eqconsultantsgroup.com. You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/equintanilla.