Transitioning From Product Manager to Product Owner

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Transitioning From Product Manager to Product Owner


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Now that many software development teams have adopted agile and Scrum, how have product managers adjusted? It’s a topic that isn’t discussed much but is crucial to the success of agile within your organization. In this session we will explore what is involved in the transition from a product manager role into a product owner role and discuss real-world experiences. We’ll give special focus to areas where people struggle and offer solutions that people have identified to make things go smoother. This will be a very interactive session where participants share their observations, strategies and pain points.

Session Leader(s)

Oliver Schmelzle

Oliver Schmelzle is VP of Product Strategy at Vast, a company that efficiently matches buyers and sellers in marketplaces for the auto, travel, and real estate industries. He has enjoyed working as a product manager at several Austin startups though he also values his experiences with large product teams at Symantec and Vignette.

Walter Bodwell

Walter Bodwell is the founder of Planigle, a company which provides consulting, training and tools to help teams get the most out of agile development. He has worked with companies from startups to large enterprises to assist them in their software practices. He has also developed an agile project management tool to help teams manage their backlogs, iterations and releases.