To Be or Not To Be ( Free! )

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To Be or Not To Be ( Free! ): How to manage a business PROFITABLY in a world of FREE products/services

Product Strategy


Have you ever wondered if your business would be more successful by making your product / service available for FREE? Have you worried how your competition is giving stuff away for FREE while you are struggling to make ends meet? When can you give stuff away for FREE and still be profitable? How can you NOT provide your service for FREE and still be competitive? This trend of providing products / services for free is impacting the way we do or think about our product strategy, product design and management, marketing, support, revenue generation and profitability.

Session Leader(s)
C.K. Kumar

C. K. Kumar is a Marketing and Strategy professional who has spent the past 16 years in several technology and marketing roles in start-ups and large companies. When he is not working in the Business Management Group at AMD, he helps multiple start-ups on their marketing and business strategies.

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