The Future of Product Management

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The Future of Product Management

Product Development

Panel Discussion

You’ve heard the traditional challenges product managers face (basing product decisions on market problems, leadership without formal authority, getting buried in tactical tasks). But product management has grown up, and there new challenges to overcome. What is the future of product management, and how will it address these new challenges?

Austin’s “Gang of Four” product managers (Roger L. Cauvin, John Milburn, Scott Sehlhorst, Paul Young) will lead an interactive conversation on such topics as:

1. We’ve gone agile. Do we still need product management?
2. Will product managers join the executive ranks? (CPO = Chief Product Officer)
3. Will product managers embrace cutting edge “lean startup” and “customer development” processes?

What do YOU think the future of product management holds?

Session Leader(s)
Roger L. Cauvin

Roger leads product strategy on Dachis Group’s Lifestyle Communities product and works with the rest of the strategy team to plan and build out the company’s social business intelligence-as-a-service (SBIaaS) portfolio. Roger’s passion is informing and empowering teams to make smart product decisions.

John Milburn

John Milburn has been in the Austin technology space for over 20 years, and has been an Instructor at Pragmatic Marketing for the last 6 years. He has worked in or led product teams at companies such as Lane15 Software, Tivoli, Dell, IBM, Texas Instruments, Exxon, and Vtel. John served on the planning team for the first Austin ProductCamp.

Scott Sehlhorst

Scott Sehlhorst is a product management consultant, working with large and small clients, helping teams get better at product management, helping organizations “go agile,” generally helping make great products.  Scott writes at  Scott started Tyner Blain in 2005, has been working in software since 1997, and hardware since 1990.

Paul Young

Paul Young has more than a decade of experience in hardware, software, and services product management and marketing.   Paul has launched and managed dozens of products in large companies to startups, across a wide range of technologies and business models.  Paul is also the founder of ProductCamp Austin and is currently an Instructor with Pragmatic Marketing.