The Changing Face of Online Entrepreneurship

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The Changing Face of Online Entrepreneurship: Women Over 40

Marketing Execution


Some of us running a startup-type business also have families, mortgages, minivans, hot flashes….and years of work experience and savvy. Although we do order a lot of pizza like most young’uns, we don’t ever sleep under our office desks (hey, that’s hard on one’s back!)

Blogger, destination marketing expert and co-founder Sheila Scarborough – a proud 50 years old – will talk about lessons learned and strategies for women over 40 who are interested in launching an online business.

We may need reading glasses for our smartphones, but we can still kick butt!

Session Leader(s)
Sheila Scarborough

Sheila Scarborough is a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in tourism, travel and social media. Along with Becky McCray, she co-founded; social media for destination marketing. Sheila’s an NHRA drag racing fan because there’s one winner, one loser and no whining.