Strategy: Let’s fix it, please!

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Strategy: Let’s fix it, please!


Product Strategy




Who ‘owns’ strategy in your organization?  How’s that going for you?  How do you describe your approach to strategy in your organization?  Is strategy something that keeps you up all night, or is that an outsourced function of your organization? How do you implement strategy?  Who implements strategy? How do you update, revise strategy?

Please come to this session to discuss and find answers to these questions and more.  In this session we will discuss why strategy is an underperforming element of your organization and ideas on how to fix it.  I will also provide a quick overview of strategic ideas and frameworks that you can take back to your office Monday.

Session Leader(s)

Prabhakar Gopalan

Prabhakar Gopalan is a Senior Consultant in Corporate Strategy at Dell.  He is also founder & principal at Whole Mind Consulting, an innovation driven growth strategy firm.  Prabhakar won the runner-up prize for best session at PCA Summer’10.  Prabhakar blogs at the popular product management website –  Connect with him at @PGopalan or