Social Marketing in B2B World

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Social Marketing in B2B World: Reality vs. Myth

Marketing Execution


By now, you’ve probably completely refocused all your marketing energy and dollars on the new world of social media. Trade shows are dead and email marketing is so passé. Instead you chat, tweet, IM, like, +1 all day long. #fail.

B2B technology purchasing decisions are not made over social networks. That’s according to a recent Forrester Research survey. Yet social marketing – when done right – can be a great asset in your B2B go-to-market strategy.

In this session, we will cover some pragmatic examples of how social marketing can be successfully leveraged to engage with B2B customers and prospects. Led by a practitioner (not an expert), this session will appeal to anyone involved the B2B space who is looking for practical advice.

Session Leader(s)
Bertrand Hazard

Bertrand Hazard is VP Marketing at Troux Technologies. He is known for his ‘franc-parler’ and can do attitude. A regular presenter at ProductCamp, Bertrand also blogs on You can follow Bertrand on Twitter at