Revolutionary Thinking

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Revolutionary Thinking

Marketing Execution


Everyone likes to be admired; businesses and entrepreneurs are no different. We like it when customers tell us “You’re the greatest! We love you!” Feed my ego and give me some more of that. There’s just one problem, customers want to be heroes too. And they have the money. Customers are more likely to pay you money to become a hero, than they are to give you money to admire you. While admiration is nice, money is better.

It’s time to change your thinking from Hero Worship to Revolutionary Thinking.

Jay Ehret presents his 5 Revolutionary Thoughts that create customer heroes.(With real life examples no less!)

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Jay Ehret

Founder, Chief Officer of Awesomeness, and Content Headmaster at Consultant, coach, blogger, podcaster. Admired by family and most friends (but secretly disdained by a few).