Requirements Estimation: Defend Your Resources!

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Requirements Estimation: Defend Your Resources!

Requirements Definitions


Rather than being given the time they need to create well-crafted results, product managers often are required to create requirements under an imposed deadline. Unfortunately, few rigorous business analysis estimation techniques exist to help defend the resources required to do good analysis. We’ll share an estimation technique for requirements development that breaks the work down into common activities with standard resource estimates based on real project data, and give you a take-home tool for future requirements estimations.

Session Leader(s)
Betsy Stockdale

Betsy Stockdale is a requirements architect for Seilevel, a professional services firm that specializes in helping Fortune 1000 clients redefine the way they create software requirements, in order to achieve their business outcomes. Betsy is responsible for leading projects to develop requirements following Seilevel’s Requirements Modeling Language (RML™).