Personas – A Product Marketer’s Gift to Sales

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Personas – A Product Marketer’s Gift to Sales

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Marketing shares finding new profitable customers with the sales organization. To attract new customer the sales and delivery teams must be able to articulate the business benefits. These groups often rely on marketing to create the tools to support the sales process. These sales enablement tools help the sales organization improve their effectiveness at generating revenue and earnings by giving salespeople the right information at the right time to increase their rate of success. One tool more and more organizations are leveraging is personas. As part of this session learn: The differences between personas, profiles and roles, how to create personas and how to turn personas into a sales enablement tool.

Session Leader(s)
Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson’s marketing and sales career spans over 30 years having worked for both large public companies such as State Farm and Motorola and as well as start-ups. In 1999 she co-founded VisionEdge Marketing, a data-driven metrics based strategic and product marketing company that specializes in improving marketing performance and helping organizations create a competitive advantage.

Chelsea Marino

Chelsea Marino is a Marketing major at the University of Texas at San Antonio and VisionEdge Marketing’s Marketing Coordinator. Chelsea handles all aspect of marketing support including writing and publishing the company’s monthly newsletter, updating the VisionEdge Marketing website and running the online store.