Let’s Play Buy-a-Feature

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Let’s Play Buy-a-Feature: Prioritization in collaboration with your market in this virtual market game yields incredible insights

Requirements Definitions


Product planners often fall into the trap of thinking that customers have clearly defined product priorities. Some do. Most don’t. When presented with a set of options, many customers will simply say “I want them all” and put the responsibility for prioritizing their requests on your shoulders.

Alternatively, product managers often gather feature priorities by working with customers one-on-one and, in the process perhaps without even realizing it, again take solo responsibility for prioritizing features.

By engaging customers (or Execs?) as a group and giving them a limited amount of resources, you give them the opportunity to prioritize their desires as a group.

The magic lies in structuring the conversations so that your customers are negotiating with each other for specific features. This negotiation enhances your understanding of what your customers really want.

Learn by doing. We will play Buy a Feature. (http://innovationgames.com/buy-a-feature/)

Session Leader(s)
Jeff Brantley

Jeff Brantley is a product guy: a no-nonsense, git ‘er done, product guy. But building great products and services is a team sport and you need the whole team contributing to the innovation pipeline (engineering, sales, marketing, customers). Your product leadership toolkit should include Innovation Games. Have fun with customers and ask: “Do you want to play a game?”