How to run a collaborative, Agile Roadmapping session with your team(s

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How to run a collaborative, Agile Roadmapping session with your team(s)

Product Strategy


You gotta have a roadmap… but most roadmaps are crap. Created unilaterally and with little technical or market input or basis in reality, these poor roadmaps do more to erode your credibility as a product leader than enhance it.

I’ll show you from my experience with many companies how to run a collaborative, agile roadmapping session that results in a shared and deep understanding of market segments, features and benefits, timelines for rolling out features/benefits by market segments, market events, and an architecture that allows the product to be enhanced according to plan.

Using this method, you can get the commercial side of the house (market, sales, market research, etc.) and technical side (engineering, maintenance, etc.) of the house to work off the same page and you will be amazed at the clarity of purpose that comes out of this. This is an interactive, hands-on session.

Session Leader(s)
Jeff Brantley

Jeff Brantley is a product guy: a no-nonsense, git ‘er done, product guy. In Austin doing software Product Management, Marketing and Strategy since 1996, Jeff now focuses on Agile coaching for PMs and teams as a Senior Consultant for, and an InnovationGames Qualified Instructor (