Hassle Mapping Your Way To a Better Product Experience

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Hassle Mapping Your Way To a Better Product Experience

Product Lifecycle Management


Do your customers genuinely enjoy using your product? Do they want to tear their hair out each time they use it? More than likely, it’s a mix of both experiences. How do you get at this essential user information? At Journyx, we’ve developed a product improvement methodology based off Adrian Slywotsky’s hassle map concept.

In this session, participants will learn different ways to uncover user feedback and build hassle maps that pinpoint the emotional hot spots – irritations, frustrations, wasted time – of your product. These maps can offer compelling data to inform market-based product strategy and feature development.

Session Leader(s)
Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey is the marketing manager for Journyx, an Austin-based time tracking and project scheduling software developer, where he oversees product marketing and strategy. Chris is also a business anthropologist where his focus in customer experience design helps businesses understand how customers interact with their products, services, and overall brand. He blogs at baileyworkplay.com