Fast Feedback That Really Helps People

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Fast Feedback That Really Helps People: Why It Doesn’t Happen & How To Get It Going In Your Group!

Product Management Careers


If you work with at least 1 other person in an enterprise you’re passionate about, it’s likely that faster, constructive feedback to & among team members would speed up your success. That’s what organization specialist Anna Carroll has found by working with hundreds of product & other business teams all over the world. In this workshop, she will share:
1) feedback that people want & can use to advantage (vs. unwelcome “feedback”)
2) the surprising root causes of feedback-drought
3) a fun & practical tool to help you recognize your own & others’ feedback comfort (& discomfort) “zones” and
4) five strategies to help you open the floodgates of feedback that people will welcome—swimmingly!

Workshop format:
A. Overview
B. 1st Group Exercise and Sharing: Feedback Comfort & Discomfort Zones (with assistants)
C. Five Strategies For Getting Helpful Feedback Flowing
D. 2nd Group Exercise & Sharing: Applying the Strategies
E. Conclusions/Q&A

Session Leader(s)
Anna Carroll

Anna Carroll, MSSW, is organizational expert, trainer, and training designer. With her firm, Interaction Design, Inc. she has facilitated many groups in companies new & mature, small & large, in the US, Korea, Egypt, Italy, Belgium, Dubai, UK & Singapore–to work smarter together. After researching highest-leverage improvement opportunities for leaders, she is focusing on workplace feedback. (See