Creating Value Through Product Innovation

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Creating Value Through Product Innovation

Product Strategy


Why should you lead value creation within your company?

What can you do to create value?

How do you foster product innovation to minimize risk ?

I will share ideas and insights to help you create and implement a business strategy to lead product innovation within your company. I’ll discuss key principles to help you increase creativity and collaboration and lead product development activities. I will also ask questions and open the floor for expansion and general discussion.

This discussion is for those of you who want to increase your company’s value. It is also for those who want to enhance your worth as a professional by leading innovation.

I would like to request your vote for this highly interactive session topic and hope you can join me for this discussion.

You can connect to me via LinkedIn at and submit questions before this discussion.

Session Leader(s)
Hector Del Castillo

Hector has over 10 years experience transforming products to profit for technology-based companies. He has directed the product strategy and launched over 25 technology products resulting in over $25M in achieved global sales revenue. He provides services as a consultant, contractor, coach, or trainer to organizations that need to create and market value-added products that customers want.