Business Dangers & Delights of Daily Deals

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Business Dangers & Delights of Daily Deals

Product Strategy


There are 500 companies offering marketing support through daily deals (think Groupon, Living Social). It’s expected than in a year there will be over 1000 options, maybe more. If you’ve thought of joining that crowd of marketing companies, you need to know and understand what you’re getting into — including class action suits in 9 states. If you’re thinking of using couponing as a way to get new clients for an existing product or a launch, seller beware. It’s not free and there are legal, financial, & marketing reasons to look again. It can even impact your ability to sell your business. If you are thinking about investing in or buying out a product or business that uses these prepaid coupons, buyer beware. The liabilities carry forward. There are alternatives to getting the right customers that you can depend on, let’s talk.

Session Leader(s)
Jan Triplett, Ph.D.

Jan Triplett is the CEO of the Business Success Center, a marketing and financial strategies certified green business. She is the author of A Networker’s Guide to Success and co-author of Thinking Big, Staying Small. She has provided successful strategies to small B-2-B and B-to-C firms to launch and grow product and service businesses locally, nationally & internationally.