Beyond Product Management: The Power to Create a Breakthrough

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Beyond Product Management: The Power to Create  a Breakthrough


Product Strategy




Suppose you’ve done well as one of the company’s Product Managers and now you’ve been asked to do MORE – create a new line of business or product line, expand and strengthen the product strategy, spin out a division, re-vitalize an established brand ?  Do you just take a jump ?  Can you copy a success from other people, other places or other circumstance ? We’ll talk about some foundation concepts and some cognitive techniques that will help you find something new, but sound, to use for that strategic new growth.

Session Leader(s)

Don Jarrell

Don’s Product Management experience has ranged from creating and executing PdM practices in multinational communication manufacturers to coaching solo inventors and entrepreneurs, will all kinds of advisory and executions services in between.  He is now launching a breakthrough online application for clinical metrics for hospitals that clients, investors, consultants and zombies have called unprecedented.