150 Monkeys in CyberSpace

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150 Monkeys in CyberSpace

Marketing Execution


Human groupings like military units, church congregations, modern hunter / gatherers, and even our facebook friends are dictated by primitive evolution. Regardless of your industry, product or service, sales and marketing is all about people and our relationships.

In this presentation, Chad Peevy applies research theorem, spanning over 65 years, from psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, and several other “ology’s” to sales and marketing. Peevy demonstrates through observation of primate behavior and the phenomenon of celebrity, how any business can get noticed and build a following to realize profits.

We’ll answer these questions and more: Why are some people so exhausting to talk to? How is social media interrupting our evolutionary process? Why should my business hire a chief story-teller?

Session Leader(s)
Chad Peevy

As a business advisor and marketer, Chad Peevy has helped businesses in the US and Mexico realize their objectives. Peevy understands the need for businesses to consider metrics and science over hype when making decisions. His portfolio is eclectic, ranging from mortgage brokers to software solutions to musicians to widget manufacturers.