Game Room

Games, and a gaming mentality, have become a part of many learning, networking and creative exercises, proving that fun can be very productive.  So let it be with ProductCamp 7 !!

At Austin’s ProductCamp #7, we’re adding a track of very interactive and fun exercises with a serious – well, halfway serious – theme of Product Management.  The track will stay in one room all day and attendance will work like any other session – drop in, check it out and if it doesn’t suit your needs and expectations, just vote with your feet.

10:00 pm — Speed Networking –     MC:   Bertrand Hazard & Thom Singer

Wish you would have more time to build your ProductCamp network. This is your chance. Based on the popular speed dating concept, you have 3 minutes to learn, teach or just network with one of your peers. Then you are off to the next ProductCamper. And the next one.

By the end of the session, you will have met as many as 10 new people. Just like that.

Make sure to bring a lot of business cards, a good spirit … and some cash, just in case you want to meet again your ‘match’ over Happy Hour!

11:00 — Round Robin Panel –     MC:   Tom Evans

What question do you want to ask?  What answer do you want to give?  Should it be thoughtful or witty, or maybe both?

Come join the Round Robin Panel and match wits with a randomly selected panel or a randomly selected question.    You can choose which side you want to be on, but you get just one chance.

The Rules:  Three randomly selected ProductCampers join a panel and each panelist has one to two minutes to answer one randomly selected question.   Once that panel is done, we select another random panel for a new random question and the challenge continues until time runs out or no panelists are left standing.

1:00 pm — Product Manager Smackdown –      MC:   Don Jarrell

Product Manager Smackdown, made famous in previous ProductParty format now comes to ProductCamp.  Are you a remarkable enough Product Manager to take a new product to an investor pitch in FIVE MINUTES ??

A mystery object will be shown to 3 teams of volunteering participants for just 3 minutes.  Each team will then have only 5 minutes to prepare a 5-minute pitch to our illustrious judges, thinking of them as investors, to receive a score of 1-10.  It’s fast and fun and the winning team will receive the fabulous Golden Pitcher award.

Our Judges:     Thom Singer, Kevin Koym and Jeffrey Fry

2:00 pm — The Great Debate –     MC:   Nehemiah Pitts

Its finally time to settle those age old Product Management conundrums!  To address those troubling matters which deeply vex Product Marketing!  Yes, our journey to PM Utopia has one final stop – THE GREAT DEBATE – where YOU provide the answers through compelling argumentation to “settle” age old questions, like “Should I hire a PM with deep domain expertise, or someone with a strong PM background?” and “Should a Product Manager produce User Interface mockups?” or “Should a Product Manager also be the Product Owner?”

You get the gist.  Thanks to YOUR powers of persuasion, hundreds (or at least tens) of product managers and product marketers will finally sleep through the night, once the Great Debate is concluded!  OK, at least I know you’ll sleep through the night after a fun and full day of learning, networking and teaching your peers.  Here’s how the Great Debate will work:

Your ProductCamp Austin planning team will pick three of those “Heads or Tails” PM questions.  We will then divide the room into six teams, with 2 teams per question – one assigned to argue the question in the affirmative and one assigned to argue it in the negative.  After a brief introduction to explain the concept, there will be a 15 minute prep period for the teams to assemble their arguments.  Each team would then get 3-5 minutes to present their arguments.  After both teams present, the esteemed judges (aka the rest of the room) would vote by show of hands for the winner.

We will the do the same to address those other 2 hair pulling questions with the  remaining teams.  And I, your humble host will thank you for “settling” these issues, until next ProductCamp of course.

Not sure you’re up to some playful contention to settle the fate of the marketing world?!?   Don’t worry…Judges wanted!!!

3:00 pm — PowerPoint Karaoke –     MC:   Paul Young

How well can you think (and present) on your feet? Have you ever been handed a PowerPoint deck created by someone else and asked to present it on very short notice? If it hasn’t happened yet, it probably will!

You can be okay at feature prioritization, writing business cases, and win-loss analysis, but if you can speak effectively on a moment’s notice, you will excel where others stumble. Join this session to become a true “pitch artist”!

These slides are random and you’ve never seen them before.  Come take the mic for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and craft your pitch on the fly!

WARNING: This session will cause serious laughter and amusement.