A Big Thank You for ProductCamp Austin 7

A Big Thank You for ProductCamp Austin 7

ProductCamp Austin is a community effort, and each and every one of your contributions pull together to make it happen. Thank you to our advisory board, team leads, team members, volunteers, guests and sponsors. Your generosity continues to make ProductCamp Austin the vibrant community we expect, and ensures we have one of the deepest talent pools around.

Board: Brian Piercy
Volunteers: As many of you know our volunteers for supporting ProductCamp Austin during the day of the event were out en masse. A complete list of names was not available for this thank you. But please know that we appreciate each and every one of your efforts.

Board: Tom Evans
Planning: Jeremy Gorr
Team: Michael Leonard, Todd Kiehn, Josh Meisel, Lorin Rivers
Game Room Moderators and Judges: Bertrand Hazard, Nehemiah Pitts, Thom Singer, Tom Evans, Don Jarrell, Paul Young, Amy Truong, Stef Schrader, Paul Walhus

Board: Mike Boudreaux
Planning: Brian Hull
Team: Melanie Wise, Dustin Donham, Gregory Kincade, Karen Kelvie

Board: Melissa Muckenthaler
Planning: Nehemiah Pitts
Team: PhilLinda Roy, Joyce Stephen

Board: Don Jarrell

Board: Colleen Heubaum

Board: Mark Suchanek

Emeritus Advisors: Paul Young, Bertrand Hazard