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Category: Product Management Careers

Format: Town Hall

What can you do to accelerate your career in product management or product marketing? How can you position yourself to get hired or promoted over your competitors?  What are your USPs as a product manager?   Learn ways to convince a prospective employer why they should hire you. This hands-on discussion will provide you key tips based on proven practices and methodologies to convince a prospective employer why they should hire you.  The speaker will identify key principles to help you succeed and enhance your worth by increasing collaboration within your company and driving product development activities to turn innovative ideas into profit.  He will also identify and discuss best business practices, proven methodologies and tools.  He will also ask questions, and open the floor for expansion and general discussion. You will learn concrete steps to position yourself over competitors to find a new job or be promoted.

Session Leader: Hector Del Castillo
Hector Del Castillo is Director, Program Development at MEI Technologies where he is implementing a business strategy to commercialize products and services and transform them to profit.  He has over 10 years experience managing products  and directing strategic planning. He has launched 25 high technology products and features resulting in over $20M in achieved global sales revenue.