Sizing, Segmenting, and Forecasting Markets

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Title: Sizing, Segmenting, and Forecasting Markets

Category: Opportunity Analysis

Format: Presentation

Business is driven by accurately defining how many customers there will be for your product over time, how much they are willing to pay over time, and what will make them break their current habits to pay for your product.  Then throw in a healthy dose of competition and the concept of “market windows.”   Top-level requirements and persona prioritization are derived from segmenting, sizing and forecasting customer groups.

Session Leader: Paul Teich
Paul Teich is a Marketing Fellow in AMD’s Office of Strategy. Paul has cumulatively spent 18 years at Advanced Micro Devices in various strategy, marketing and planning capacities, including scenario planning and long-range forecasting.  Paul regularly spars with technology industry analysts over market dynamics and measurement.

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