Rapid Product Management

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Title: Rapid Product Management

Category: Prod Mgmt Careers

Format: Panel Discussion

It’s been claimed that many (Google, Facebook) are succeeding because there has been an increase in developer-led projects, and that product managers just slow things down. Some point to AOL and Yahoo as product management-led companies that have lost their edge. What are some ways that the product creation process gets slowed down, and how do we speed it up without throwing product managers under the bus? – Who is doing “product management” in the Google/Facebook context? – Should a product manager make product decisions, provide the information necessary to make informed ones, or lead a consensus-based process in which the product team makes the decisions? – Is an authoritarian approach to decision-making better than a cooperative or consensus-based approach? – What are the pros and cons of actively involving all members of the team in making decisions? – How has Agile development improved our product decision making?

Session Leaders:

Roger L. Cauvin – Product strategist who helps companies make smart product decisions.

Paul Young – Instructor at Pragmatic Marketing and a long-term technology product manager in the Austin area.

Scott Sehlhorst – Product Management consultant in Austin, former software developer, former mechanical engineer.