My Boss Told Me To Get The Voice of The Customer, Now What?

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Voice of the Customer may be one of the most misunderstood concepts in the product management process. Unfortunately any survey or conversation with a customer these days is labeled as “Voice of the Customer” and just viewed as a “check box” item. In this Chapter of the “Beyond Stage Gate” series we will discuss how there are different types of Voice of the Customer surveys and how the misapplications of each type will pre-determine the results that are obtained. We will relate different Voice of the Customer approaches with project portfolio classifications for product development. Recommendations for how to apply them in different segments of the value chain will also be provided.

Session Leader: Jose A. Briones
Dr. Jose A. Briones is the Director of Operations of SpyroTek Performance Solutions, a diversified supplier of specialty materials, BPM software and innovation support services. Dr. Briones also holds managerial positions in several companies, including: CSI Inc., Smarty-Ears, and Melenaus Corp. Dr. Briones has launched and commercialized over 35 new products and is named as inventor in 5 patents.