Marketing the Agile Way – Applying Scrum Outside of Development

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Category: Marketing Execution

Format: Workshop

Product development has gotten faster and more responsive using Scrum (AKA Agile development) to create new products & services. Marketers can apply the same concepts to react faster to customer/market shifts, make programs more manageable and deliver results more consistently. The HubSpot marketing team has used agile in marketing for over a year – join this interactive discussion to find out how it’s made us more productive and transparent. Learn the basics of agile development and hear which elements have and haven’t worked for HubSpot. Break into groups for workshop-style analysis of how your team might benefit from agile marketing execution. Learn: What is Agile & might it work for me? What are stories and story points? How do you budget activities? What is daily Stand-Up & why can it improve team performance? How you might apply agile in your organization – be it a marketing or any team?

Session Leader: Kirsten Knipp
Kirsten Knipp is Director of Product Evangelism at HubSpot, an internet marketing software company based in Cambridge, MA. Kirsten’s team manages how HubSpot spreads the word about the value of HubSpot software via content, customer evangelism, webinars, social media, analyst and blogger interaction as well as sales enablement efforts.