Market intelligence tools for businesses large and small

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Title: Market intelligence tools for businesses large and small

Category: Opportunity Analysis

Format: Town Hall

As product professionals, as much as we strive to seek and respond to market feedback, obtaining objective and reliable market feedback is not always easy, or even possible. Share the issues you face when conducting research, and discover how your peers are using both traditional and newer research service models to gather competitive intelligence, validate new product ideas, and more.

Session Leader: Gautham Viswanathan
Gautham Viswanathan is the Founder and CEO of Thinkspeed, an on-demand custom research service that leverages a community of technology professionals to provide market intelligence that is targeted, unbiased, and definitive on a wide range technology business matters. Prior to Thinkspeed, Gautham was an early member of TIBCO Software and held executive positions in Marketing, Corporate Development and Engineering.