If You Give the Milk Away for Free, They'll Buy the Cow

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Category: Marketing Execution

Format: Presentation

Do you ever wonder what Napoleon Dynamite has to do with sales? Do you ever feel frustrated trying to sell your expertise/services/products? Has your excitement not translated into more customers? Do you struggle filling up your pipeline and planning for future growth? We all struggle with this at some point. This is a presentation about how to overcome those obstacles by applying open source principles to sales. We’re all tired of traditional sales “trickery”, but we still need to find new clients. The truth is, if we have a quality good or service that people need, a good, honest and open communication can help you build your business.   Questions Answered:  Why is selling so tough? Why is sales evil? Is every lead a good lead? Are there such things as bad customers? How do I qualify leads? How do I fill my pipeline? What books or training should I look into? What if I’m not a sales guy?

Session Leader: Josh Ward
Josh is all about building relationships, learning what makes people tick, and everything open source. He’s been a systems admin, IT consultant, business owner, Cisco broker, SEO “ninja rockstar”, public speaker, teacher and all around likable guy.