How to Create Compelling and Effective Product Roadmaps

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Title: How to Create Compelling and Effective Product Roadmaps

Category: Product Strategy

Format: Presentation

Product Roadmaps can mean the difference between success and failure when delivering and marketing software products. They can be one of the most effective tools in a Product Management professional’s arsenal. Done correctly they can help win and keep large customers and partners, and can guide the engineering and strategic planning efforts of a company. Unfortunately most Product Roadmaps are created “On The Fly” and under pressure when sales or the company management makes a last-minute request. As a result they don’t have the impact they should. This session will cover the different types of Product Roadmaps, how to create each of them, and which type to use for different situations. Leveraging his experience developing Roadmaps for dozens of clients and companies, Mr. Lawley will share best practices, tips and practical advice so that attendees will come away with a thorough understanding of how to build their own Roadmaps.

Session Leader: Brian Lawley
Brian Lawley is the author of the best-selling books, The Phenomenal Product Manager, Expert Product Management & 42 Rules of Product Management. He was President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association, won the 2009 AIPMM Product Management “Thought Leadership” award and is CEO of the 280 Group.