How to be a PHENOMENAL Product Manager!

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Title: How to be a PHENOMENAL Product Manager!

Category: Prod Mgmt Careers

Format: Presentation

Do you want to be the best product manager in your company or industry (or Austin)? This session will tell you how to get there – it covers the principles from the best-selling book, “The Phenomenal Product Manager”, which was written based on observiing excellent product managers over a 25 year career and capturing what it is that the outstanding ones do that others don’t. There will be tips, strategies and insights on how to become MUCH more effective at your product management job, as well as discussions with the attendees and a DRAWING FOR A FREE COPY OF THE PHENOMENAL PRODUCT MANAGER BOOK.

Session Leader: Brian Lawley
Brian Lawley is the author of the best-selling books, The Phenomenal Product Manager, Expert Product Management & 42 Rules of Product Management. He was President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association, won the 2009 AIPMM Product Management “Thought Leadership” award and is CEO of the 280 Group.