Evolution of The Product

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Title: Evolution of The Product

Category: Product Development

Format: Presentation

“It is the fate of man of many qualities more often to be caricatured than portrayed.”  Product development. What?  Product development is many things to many people. Like an artist painting a portrait, the integrity of the artist is always represented. The environment of a product, like the background of a painting, is vital to the understanding of the product & selling of the product. These conditioning factors are basic to the development and evolution of the product. All great products overcome the controversial caricature and become a portrait of society. How unique does a product have to be in order to overcome these accepted purchasing rules when considering similar inferior products? I shall see with NOTi-Fi, a superior content driven product.   Discuss: The process involved with developing the concept.   How you took the idea from start to finish. How you plan to market this new product

Session Leader: Michael Nordstrom
Michael Nordstrom Managing Director NOTi-Fi Advertising Network  Dishwasher, Waiter, Actor, Screenwriter, Property Manager, Commercial and Residential Construction Manager, Paralegal, Bank Loan Officer, Personal Banker, Stock Trader, Trust Officer.