Developing Your Fine Eye For Perfect Product Team Leadership

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Title: Developing Your Fine Eye For Perfect Product Team Leadership

Category: Prod Mgmt Careers

Format: Workshop

Get a handout plus have direct and interactive experience in this workshop with 32 key factors and demonstrated competencies of natural product team leaders who:
– GET the vision
– own the secrets to collecting the right team members
– excel at drawing then shepherding and retaining the high creatives
– relish coordinating details
– create the team EVERYONE wants to play on
– meet the deadlines and deliver the GOODS!

Learn the qualities of those with a fine eye for company and product vision and for enacting these. To do this, they must be able to also consistently catalyze great teams – as well as cultivate the trust, relationships and loyalties that let the group be self-directed enough to support individual innovation. Our internationally experienced workshop leadership will share 2010 real-time learnings based on research and interaction with currently successful product developers bridging multiple cultures & generations.

Session Leaders:

Sherry Lowry, MA, MS, MCC
Sherry Lowry’s current business mentoring career spans 18 years following previously founding 6 emerging-edge businesses in 6 other industries. Her client-base primarily consists of founders and owners of privately held, progressively agile companies ranging from solo-entrepreneurs to those of 200 staff. Her 5-generation GenAll team includes globally experienced former enterprise execs, top Directors and Managers.

Darlene Templeton
Darlene is founder of Templeton and Associates and an experienced corporate coach, recognized leader and change agent. She has 35 years experience with large global industry leadership in corporate environments. Her background includes consulting, operations, organizational change, strategy and behavior change, and worldwide project management. She has conducted numerous workshops for executives, managers and other professionals.

Casey Rowe
Casey Rowe is a career specialist working with small businesses in recruiting and selecting the right employees for their job openings and teams, aligning the goals of the organization and the professional goals of the individual to optimize effectiveness. She built her consulting business around her professional experience in communications, management and organizational consulting, and assessment expertise.