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Category: Requirements Definitions

Format: Workshop

Why is the batting average for product development approximately 20%?  Why should you re-look at the traditional “voice of the customer” approach?  If the traditional approach worked, then why do you have such a low batting average?  If we had an accurate method of defining product requirements, then why do we call the product definition phase, the “fuzzy front end?”   The primary reason is that companies are looking for innovation in the wrong places.  This session will discuss what it takes to look for innovation in the right places and in the right way by taking a concern oriented rather than a solutions oriented approach.  Customers know what job they want to get done, its importance, and their level of satisfaction with the current approaches.  Approached this way developers can do what they do best.  Provide innovative solutions.

Session Leader: Richard Eppel
Richard Eppel is a business leader in the hi-tech industry with over 30 years experience including several corporate turnarounds.  He works with clients to develop team-based, strategically oriented organizations capable of effectively responding to rapidly changing market environments.  His company focuses on accelerating value creation and capturing that value at the appropriate time.