Connect Your Success to the Greater Good

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Title: Connect Your Success to the Greater Good

Category: Marketing Execution

Format: Presentation

You do not need to be rich to impact philanthropy.  Businesses and individuals like the idea of giving to charity, but many think they have to wait until they reach the top to give back.  A more compelling model is to tie your success to a cause and watch your investment make a real impact.  While you should not do this for marketing purposes alone, when your business is giving back to the greater good of the business community, people notice.  This concept works for any business.  From an individual consultant to a highly profitable growth business, you can connect your success to making a difference for a cause that makes the world a better place.

Session Leader: Thom Singer
Thom Singer is professional speaker, sales trainer, author and the president of NYP Speakers (A Division of New Year Publishing).