B2B Social Media Case Study – Adventures from a Product Launch and Beyond

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Category: Marketing Execution

Format: Presentation

Using social media to engage with customers is becoming a required element for any successful marketing strategy, but there are precious few examples for how to implement a successful social media campaign in the B2B space. We recently supported a new product launch for a large software company in the Pacific Northwest using a four-pronged social media plan: web listening and response, blogging, Twitter, and Facebook. Join us as we share why we did what we did, what went right, what could have gone better, and what we have learned – so far – after nearly two years supporting this marquee product launch.

Session Leader: Colleen Heubaum
Colleen is a principal consultant for Winnow Consulting, specializing in marketing technology products. Colleen started her career as a software engineer, but after a middle-of-the-night epiphany decided to move to the marketing side. Colleen is passionate, customer-focused and brings a results-oriented approach to developing and marketing new products for Fortune 500 companies and high-tech startups.