This is the final list of sessions that were on the schedule for ProductCamp Austin 6. Proposed sessions were voted on by the ProductCamp participants with the most popular sessions getting on the event schedule.

Click on the title below to see the session details. Presentations, streaming video, blogs, and other online content is also provided in the session pages.

Category Title Content
Format Session Leader
Opportunity Analysis Market intelligence tools for businesses large and small Town Hall Gautham Viswanathan
Quantifying Uncertainty in Innovation Project Management 1 Presentation Jose A. Briones
Product Strategy 7 Easy Steps from Ideation –> Market Success 2 Presentation C.K. Kumar
Transforming Innovation to Profit 1 Town Hall Hector Del Castillo
Blocking and Tackling For Product Managers: How Intellectual Property Plays Into Your Product Development Game Town Hall Robert L. Villhard
From Idea to Product to Company – the path for software products 1 Presentation Philip Wheat
Requirements Definitions Designing Products and Services Customers Want To Buy 2 Workshop Richard Eppel
Using Business Objectives to Kill Scope and Launch Better Products 3 Presentation Joy Beatty
Meet Googlebot, the Personae that Determines Your SEO Success 2 Presentation Jeremy Bencken
My Boss Told Me To Get The Voice of The Customer, Now What? 4 Presentation Jose A. Briones
Building Better Front Ends 2 Town Hall Tulsi Dharmarajan
Services Product Development: Five Things You Need to Know 1 Town Hall Buck Avey
Go-to-Market Best Pricing Practices 3 Town Hall Jan Triplett, Ph.D.
From Message Nightmare to Message Delight – Six Steps to Create a Compelling Market Message 1 Presentation Tom Evans
Marketing Execution Business Wisdom from Drug Dealers 7 Presentation John Moore
Can Web Analytics Inform Off-Line Decisions? 2 Presentation Erin Young
How To Launch A Profitable Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign For Your Business 2 Presentation Shawn Livengood
If You Give the Milk Away for Free, They’ll Buy the Cow 3 Presentation Josh Ward
Make Sales Your Best Friend 1 Presentation Tom Evans
Marketing the Agile Way – Applying Scrum Outside of Development 5 Workshop Kirsten Knipp
Product Innovation through real time Customer Feedback and maintain ongoing engaged customer dialogs! 1 Presentation Elizabeth Quintanilla
The Art of Being Relevant 5 Panel Discussion Joshua Duncan
B2B Social Media Case Study – Adventures from a Product Launch and Beyond 1 Presentation Colleen Heubaum
Selling Your Products Online: Live Site Critique 2 Town Hall Brian Massey
Product Management Careers Negotiation Best Practices – An Interactive Workshop 4 Workshop Kate Stewart, MBA, PhD
Rapid Product Management Panel Discussion Paul Young
The Product Management X-Factor: How to be a Rock Star Product Manager 4 Presentation Paul Young
The Product Manager Pathfinder: How to Succeed in Product Management and Marketing 1 Town Hall Hector Del Castillo