Session Categories

These are the categories for ProductCamp Austin 6 sessions.

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  • Opportunity Analysis

(Market Research, Market Segmentation, Competitive Analysis, Business Case, Market Problems, etc.)

  • Product Strategy

(Business Planning, Business Model, Whole Product, Roadmaps, Portfolio Planning, Partnerships, Resource Allocation, Technology Assessment, etc)

  • Requirements Definitions

(MRD, PRD,  Elicitation, Personas, Use Cases, Prioritization, UX, etc.)

  • Product Development

(Agile Processes, Market Testing, Testing/QA, Beta Tests, Offshore/Nearshore Dev, etc.)

  • Go-to-Market

(Product Launch Plans, Product Launch Readiness, Market Strategy, Marketing Plan, Pricing, Positioning, Messaging,  Channel strategy, Sales Enablement, etc.)

  • Marketing Execution

(Demand Gen, Events, PR, Advertising,  Social Media, Marketing Collateral, Sales Tools, Sales Pipeline, Channel Mgmt, Marketing Metrics, etc.)

  • Product Lifecycle Management

(Portfolio Analysis, Crossing the Chasm, Brand Mgmt, End-of-life, Divestment, Customer Retention, Repositioning, etc)

  • Product Management Careers

(PM 101, Team Management, Interviews, Roles Definitions, Small v. Big Company, PM Tools, etc)