What is the benefit of an Open Innovation Process?

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What is the benefit of an Open Innovation Process?

Product Development

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Open Innovation is now a very fashionable term and many companies are rushing to implement an open innovation process without fully understanding its value nor how it fits within their existing product development process. In this Chapter of the “Beyond Stage Gate” series we will discuss the different definitions of Open Innovation, where does it fit in the development cycle, software tools available and a case study. We will show how Smarty Ears, a developer of iPad apps for Speech Therapy and Communication, has used open innovation to greatly increase the number of ideas to market, as well as accelerate the product development cycle.

Session Leader(s)
Jose A. Briones

Dr. Jose A. Briones is the Director of Operations of SpyroTek Performance Solutions, a supplier of innovation management services. Dr. Briones also holds managerial and advisory positions in several companies, including: SPOTS Tracking Systems, Green Chemistries Corp. and Smarty-Ears, LLC. Dr. Briones has launched and commercialized over 35 new products and is named as inventor in 6 patents.