Transform Your “User Conference” Into An Industry Happening

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Transform Your “User Conference” Into An Industry Happening

Marketing Execution

Target Audience
PM Advanced

Town Hall

Many companies host users conferences as a way to educate their customers and promote their products. However, you need more than a ballroom, agenda, a keynote by the CEO, ,coffee / donuts and an open bar to cultivate and excitement in the “mini-society” that is created at the event. Why do some conferences fall flat while others develop an exciting vibe? Humans are experiential beings, and if the event transcends a check the box gathering, it will leave a lasting impression. This session will be a conversation about the conference as performance art. Come and share what you have seen at events that had a unique impact on the overall experience.

Session Leader(s)
Thom Singer

Thom Singer is a professional trainer and the author of nine books on the power of business relationships and presentation skills. He has spent over 20 years in sales and marketing roles with major corporations. His speaking includes impactful keynotes, training programs and the “Conference Networking Catalyst” program, which sets the tone for better meetings.