The Future of Product Management

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The Future of Product Management

Product Management Careers

Target Audience
PM Advanced

Town Hall

Product management has grown and matured over the last 20 years, but what does the next decade hold for product management? Will product management grow or will Apple’s “benevolent dictator” model win? What skills will hiring managers look for in the coming years? Will lean principles create as much disruption as agile? How will the next generation of “millennial” product managers change our industry?

Most importantly, what do YOU need to do to prepare yourself for the next 10 years? Join us in a Town Hall session to share your ideas and to learn from others.

Session Leader(s)
John Milburn

John Milburn is an instructor at Pragmatic Marketing, and has worked with hundreds of Product Managers around the globe over the past 6 years. Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, John was a technology marketing professional in Austin – in sales, product management, and development management – at companies like IBM, Lane15 Software, VTel, Tivoli, Dell, and Texas Instruments.

Scott Sehlhorst

Over twenty years creating products and working with customers to
o Align business requirements with strategy
o Deliver solutions to enable business strategies
o Business Architecture and Analysis
o Product & Program Management
o Consulting & Development (coding + testing)
o Project Management
o Process Improvement (analysis and implementation)

My passion is delivering solutions that focus on critical elements of my client’s business.