The Business End of Product Management

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The Business End of Product Management

Product Strategy

Target Audience
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What is the business end of product management? When it comes down to it companies invest in product initiatives to gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage. Many times competitive advantage is looked at as a distant goal, not really tied into the product management process or product success. So how do we make competitive advantage a real objective for product management? In this session we will discuss the following topics: what is competitive advantage, how to increase product differentiation, how to lower relative cost-position, product management’s impact on cash flow, and balancing the product investment portfolio.

Session Leader(s)
Derick Workman

Derick Workman – Derick has 10 years experience in the product management domain, both as a practitioner and consultant. Currently he runs the product management consulting group at Ryma Technologies. Specializing in product management process implementation, Derick works with small 1 product manager companies to large enterprise customers trying to standardize across multiple business units with over 200 product managers.