The Art of Entrepreneurship

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The Art of Entrepreneurship

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PM for Entrepreneurs


Money is a powerful tool that amplifies the impact of the intentions to which it is applied. The bigger and more transformative your vision, the more money you will need to manifest and grow it to its fullest potential in this physical reality!

It’s time to shift the myth of the “starving artist” or “healer/martyr” – the misguided belief that living our genius and sharing our gifts feeds our soul requires sacrificing our own well-being (including financial prosperity) – and start thinking differently about our own value. When we raise our value we raise the collective.

Melissa D’ Antoni discusses The Art of Entrepreneurship™, a deeply immersive experiential learning process that is part visionary journey (with paint and other expressive arts) and part business mastermind.

Learn how you can take action from that place of alignment to create profitable, equitable and authentic business relationships with your clients.

Session Leader(s)
Melissa D’Antoni

Melissa D’Antoni-My passion is in evoking freedom. I’m interested in collaborating with people who hunger to transform their lives and their consciousness. By claiming our authentic voice, living a life grounded in full self-expression, and honoring an innate trust in the creative process…we remember the truth of who we are. As we change ourselves, we change the world around us.