The 4-step Process for Overcoming Market Unpredictability

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The 4-step Process for Overcoming Market Unpredictability

Product Strategy

Target Audience
PM Essentials


We like to think we can make reasonable predictions about the future. I propose that we can’t, and in this session I will show you why. But we don’t have to let that stop our product plans from being wildly successful. There are ways to apply the academic discipline of complexity science into successful product strategy. In this session, you will learn a 4-step process to ensure your strategy will succeed by using techniques based on pragmatic, practical applications of complexity science.

Session Leader(s)
Jeremy Gorr

Jeremy is currently is a Senior Product Manager at Seilevel, where he leads consulting projects for software products in a wide variety of industries. Prior to Seilevel, he worked as a Product Manager for several building materials manufacturers. He has also done software development consulting, as well as stints at both IBM and Hewlett Packard.