Seven Phase Standard Product LifeCycle

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Seven Phase Standard Product LifeCycle: What you MUST know for your products to succeed

Product Lifecycle Management

Target Audience
PM Advanced


How can you make your products DRAMATICALLY more successful? Is there a process you and your company can implement to ensure success?
Learn about the seven phases every product goes through and the related key questions and decisions. By understanding the phases you can ship products that better meet your customer’s needs, deliver increased revenues and profits and avoid common mistakes that can be disastrous.
Phases include:
1. Conceive
2. Plan
3. Develop
4. Qualify
5. Launch
6. Deliver
7. Retire
Also covered: nine key documents that contain the critical decisions that must be made in order for a product to succeed. Ignore these decision and you risk product failure.
Documents include:
1. Business Case
2. Market Needs (also called market requirements)
3. Product Description (also called product requirements)
4. Market Strategy
5. Roadmap
6. Beta Plan
7. Launch Plan
8. Marketing Plan
9. End of Life Plan

Session Leader(s)
Brian Lawley

Brian Lawley: 280 Group CEO & Founder. Author: The Phenomenal Product Manager, Expert Product Management , 42 Rules of Product Management, Optimal Product Process. Former President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA). Awarded the Association of International Product Marketing Management award for Thought Leadership in Product Management. Featured on World Business Review and the Silicon Valley Business Report.