Product Management for a Cause

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Product Management for a Cause

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PM for Entrepreneurs


Can product management make a difference?

The Austin Product Camp has an opportunity to demonstrate the difference good product management can make. We could select a few non-profit organizations, and do a little product management for them over the rest of the year. Let’s see if we can increase their offering’s value within the constraints they live in.

I’ll bring a few proposed organizations, you can do the same.

During our session, we’ll brainstorm about how to move forward. If there’s enough interest we could break into groups and make it a contest.

Bottom line: the community benefits from our help, at least I believe so. Participants learn from each other, I know I will. Austin Product Camp will be recognized as a force of good in our community. We can demonstrate the value of good product management practices.

Session Leader(s)
Val Workman

Val Workman is a great guy that everyone should get to know. He’s been professionally involved in Product Management since 1976. He’s deployed over 60 successful product management communities into “For Profit” companies. He hosts the Product Management View webinar series which is an open community, building the world’s largest repository of recorded product management content.