Own your Story or Someone Else Will

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Own your Story or Someone Else Will


Target Audience
PM Essentials

Town Hall

Some would say that storytelling is one of the most important skills a marketer can have but what does that really mean? What happens when marketing, product, and sales all start telling their own story? In order for storytelling to be effective there needs to be a plan on how to build and evolve the message over time. Otherwise, your stories may lead to confusion and distrust. You need to develop your position and message that becomes THE STORY that all other message support.

During this highly interactive session, we will cover the importance of owning your story, how-to evolve this message, and share some examples of who’s doing it right.

Session Leader(s)
Josh Duncan

Josh Duncan is Directory of Product Marketing and Community at Noesis Energy, an Austin based software startup. Josh has previously led four productCamp sessions and has been honored to win best session two times.